What Does the Fox Say?

fox scarf 2

Seriously. What does the fox say? I’ve seen the Ylvis video, but it was somewhat less than helpful.

Luckily, Stephanie of Tiny Owl Knits can clue you in on what foxes really sound like. When they’re not impersonating Jay Leno, that is. (Click here for her video. Skip to 5:30 for fox sounds and 3:50 for when she accidentally insults her fox friend.)

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I discovered Tiny Owl Knits a couple of weeks ago when I was looking for ideas for a new project. I was scrolling through rows and rows of photos when an adorable little face appeared.


That’s all it took for her faux fox “Mr. Fox Stole My Heart” scarf to steal my heart. (Aptly named, I think.) Unfortunately, my knitting skills are a bit sub par and I don’t know how to read knitting or crochet patterns, so even though you can buy patterns for her work, I was out of luck.  If I wanted a fox, I’d have to wing it.

31My mission. I chose to accept it.

Not being able to read patterns has it’s pros and cons. Pro: My designs are original and one-of-a-kind. Also, I like the problem solving aspect. Con: There’s a lot of trial and error. Problem solving isn’t always fun, as anyone who follows me on Facebook saw as I tried five different ear designs for my faux fox.


But I finally got it worked out. I knitted the body and crocheted the head, legs, and tail. The nose and chin are felt, the eyes are buttons, and I added a pin under Mr. Fox’s chin so that the scarf would stay in place. (Stephanie used magnets, which is probably a better, less stabby idea.)

1Work in progress.

After a lot of trial and error, unraveling and redoing, my faux fox fox stole was complete.

fox scarf 1“I’m pretty adorable too.”

He’s also fun to wear when looking incredulous.

IMG_5537“I’m not sure about these paws… And I think your head got a little squished today.”


  • Christina P says:

    I honestly am over everyone being obsessed with foxes, it was huge so quickly and suddenly everyone was handmaking anything they could into a fox.

    But this little scarf of yours?? I totally want it.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Animal trends can be a bit much. (i.e. “Put a bird on it”) I’m glad my fox didn’t cross the line. ;)

      - Elizabeth
      aka The Hungry Octopus

  • JJ says:

    Well I’m not tired of foxes yet, but I don’t have any in my wardrobe either. I DO have fabric in my “To Sew” pile just waiting to become a cute little skirt. You seriously have me wanting to make a Fox Stole, I’d have to crochet though…not a knitter.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I’m sure a crochet fox will look adorable! My fox is a combination of knitting (his body) and crochet (head, tail, and legs).

      - Elizabeth
      aka The Hungry Octopus

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