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What Dyed in the Kitchen?

This is a public service announcement. If you mix up a bucket of cherry red dye, and you then go to stir said bucket of dye, be very, very careful. … Continue Reading →

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MFAM Week 7: Out of Africa

Well I’m late. Again. Four out of seven weeks have been on time, so that’s not too bad, right? (Wrong.) Anyway, this week’s project was inspired by a variety of … Continue Reading →

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Wool & Winter White

So I’ve missed my last couple mid-week posts… Turns out time management really isn’t something I’m good at outside of work. Oh well, I didn’t forget this week! If’ you’ve … Continue Reading →

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MFAM Week 5: Fairfield Flashback

Week five of the My Favorite Art Museum series is here! Okay, so week five was supposed to be here a couple days ago, and I’m even later than I … Continue Reading →