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Playing Possum

So a couple weeks ago I wore my fox scarf into a restaurant owned and operated by a friend of a friend who happens to be an amazingly talented chef. … Continue Reading →

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What Does the Fox Say?

Seriously. What does the fox say? I’ve seen the Ylvis video, but it was somewhat less than helpful. Luckily, Stephanie of Tiny Owl Knits can clue you in on what … Continue Reading →

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MFAM Week 7: Out of Africa

Well I’m late. Again. Four out of seven weeks have been on time, so that’s not too bad, right? (Wrong.) Anyway, this week’s project was inspired by a variety of … Continue Reading →

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MFAM Week 2: Walk Like an Egyptian

Week two of the My Favorite Art Museum series is here, and it’s time to revisit everybody’s favorite period in history – ancient Egypt. Admit it, it was one of … Continue Reading →