MFAM Week 9: Northwest Passages

Week nine is here! (Late again, but it’s here all the same.) I’ve been looking forward to this week’s project for over two months. I almost broke down and moved … Continue Reading →


MFAM Week 9: Sneak Peek

It’s another late week guys. Disappointing, I know. I almost made it this time, but I realized I didn’t have the supplies needed to finish the project at 2:00am, and … Continue Reading →

Gwen Stefani copycat - 21 June 2013 copy

No Doubt About It – Gwen Stefani Copycat

I can’t believe I made it to week three of Refashion Runway! How exciting is that? (Pretty exciting, I think.) If you haven’t been following the competition, you should definitely check it out and vote … Continue Reading →