MFAM Week 10: Update

This isn’t turning out how I expected at all. When I posted the sneak peek on Saturday I was expecting to be finished with the project later that night, or … Continue Reading →


MFAM Week 10: Sneak Peek

Well, the week got away from me again. I’m sure that comes as a surprise to absolutely none of you. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day. Seven … Continue Reading →


MFAM Week 9: Northwest Passages

Week nine is here! (Late again, but it’s here all the same.) I’ve been looking forward to this week’s project for over two months. I almost broke down and moved … Continue Reading →


MFAM Week 9: Sneak Peek

It’s another late week guys. Disappointing, I know. I almost made it this time, but I realized I didn’t have the supplies needed to finish the project at 2:00am, and … Continue Reading →


MFAM Week 8: Kimono Dragon

Week eight of the My Favorite Art Museum series is here, and it’s late again! Who would have guessed? I know I was surprised. (Or maybe not.) This week’s project … Continue Reading →

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MFAM Week 7: Out of Africa

Well I’m late. Again. Four out of seven weeks have been on time, so that’s not too bad, right? (Wrong.) Anyway, this week’s project was inspired by a variety of … Continue Reading →

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MFAM Week 6: Diwali Days

It’s week six of the My Favorite Art Museum series, and this week I’m on time! Amazing, I know. ¬†With Diwali coming up, I thought now would be a good … Continue Reading →

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MFAM Week 5: Fairfield Flashback

Week five of the My Favorite Art Museum series is here! Okay, so week five was supposed to be here a couple days ago, and I’m even later than I … Continue Reading →

Orange Sweater - 19 October 2013 copy

MFAM Week 5: Sneak Peek

Well, it looks like my sacrifices to the car maintenance deities paid off this week, as my car is still running smoothly. (Woo!) Unfortunately, the time gods felt left out … Continue Reading →

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MFAM Week 4: China Doll

Week four is finally here! Sorry I’m a little late this time around, but it’s been a long week. Let’s blame it on my turtle jacket, my car which was … Continue Reading →