black and pink muumuu - June 2015 copy

Muu-mooove Over

Muumuus are one of my favorite things to refashion. I’ll be the first to admit that I have what some may call “too many” in my pile of upcoming refashions. … Continue Reading →

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Be Mine

So it’s been a while. Sorry about that. I’ll get to that later (Maybe. You know how I am.) but for now we’re going to focus on today: Single Awareness … Continue Reading →

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Abaya, So Long, and Farewell – Pantone Projects (no. 4)

It’s time to be get honest with you all. I don’t like this series. Maybe “don’t like” isn’t quite it… “I’m bored with this series.” Yep, that’s it! I’m bored … Continue Reading →

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Eliza Doolittle Day!

It’s the 20th of May, so that can only mean one thing… It’s Eliza Doolittle Day! Her day. For those of you not familiar with mid-60s musicals, Eliza Doolittle is … Continue Reading →

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Pantone Projects (no. 2)

Time flies when you’re crazy busy! (More on that later.) It’s been over a month, but my second Pantone project for 2014 is finally here. Right there. Project no. 2 … Continue Reading →

lilac floral dress 1 - February 2014 copy

Pantone Projects (no. 1)

Winter is drawing to a close (Good riddance, right?) so it’s time to get started on some spring projects. And what better way to get into the springtime spirit than … Continue Reading →


New Year, New (Ugly) Dress

Happy New Year everybody! The holidays are over, and that means it’s back to refashioning and other not Christmasy things. (Except for that one project that hates me. Forget that … Continue Reading →

Pinky gray floral dress - September 2013 copy

Farewell to Summer Dress

In August 2012 I rescued a pleated floral polyester dress from a fate worse than death. I was about to checkout at Goodwill when I saw this little lady on … Continue Reading →

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Easy Muumuu Refashion

After several complicated projects, I decided it was time for something easy. Enter this floral cotton muumuu. Well hello there! I liked the warm floral print and the white piping … Continue Reading →

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Tattered Tablecloth Dress

It’s the last week of¬†Refashion Runway! June has really flown by! If you haven’t already, check out what the contestants have created for week four. This week’s challenge was a¬†summer … Continue Reading →