Show Time!

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of being one of the exhibiting artists at the University of St. Mary Alumni Art Exhibit in KCMO, where I was able to … Continue Reading →


They’re Here!

My photos arrived today! Well technically, they arrived yesterday while I was a work, but I picked them up at the post office today on my lunch break. Once they … Continue Reading →

Chichen Itza lineup - small

Chichen Itza, Mexico, 2012

The Chichen Itza series will be part of the University of St. Mary Alumni Art Exhibit on September 13. The show will be on display on the mezzanine at the … Continue Reading →


Cambria, California, 2013

It’s springtime in one of my favorite places, the boardwalk along the Cambria coast. These photos are part of an ongoing series. Previous installments can be found here and here. … Continue Reading →


Exciting News!

Guess what… I’ve been asked to take part in an alumni art exhibit this coming September! I was contacted by the alumni council earlier this summer, and after a lot … Continue Reading →

bird 2

Cambria & Tollhouse, California, 2011

Pelicans, Cambria, California, 2011 Perched, Cambria, California, 2011 Wave, Cambria, California, 2011 Surf, Cambria, California, 2011 Wildflower, Tollhouse, California, 2011 Yellow, Tollhouse, California, 2011 Georgia, Tollhouse, California, 2011

fish mural b 1

Cayucos, California, 2011

Mural, Cayucos, California, 2011 Plank, Cayucos, California, 2011 The Pier, Cayucos, California, 2011 Pickled Pup, Cayucos, California, 2011 Decisions, Cayucos, California, 2011 To the Sea, Cayucos, California, 2011


Bonner Springs, Kansas, 2009

Star, Bonner Springs, Kansas, 2009 Ladder, Bonner Springs, Kansas, 2009 Sting, Bonner Springs, Kansas, 2009 Clover, Bonner Springs, Kansas, 2009 Dragonfly, Bonner Springs, Kansas, 2009 Caterpillar, Bonner Springs, Kansas, 2009 … Continue Reading →

museum 2

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2008

Ring, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2008 Through, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2008 Cobbled, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2008 Red White Blue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2008 Corinthian, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2008 River Lights, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2008


Leavenworth County, Kansas, 2007

Flight, Lansing, Kansas, 2007 Burs, Lansing, Kansas, 2007 Thistles, Lansing, Kansas, 2007 Courtyard, Leavenworth, Kansas, 2007