Abaya, So Long, and Farewell – Pantone Projects (no. 4)

It’s time to be get honest with you all. I don’t like this series. Maybe “don’t like” isn’t quite it… “I’m bored with this series.” Yep, that’s it! I’m bored with this series. I have a couple more items in my “to do” pile that fit the Pantone color scheme for this year, but there’s only so much purply-pink I can take. I need my blues and blacks! I need some autumn tones!

 But before I move on to some fall refashions, I’ll leave you this parting gift – a beautiful embroidered abaya.

Before2 copyTranslation: “Specializing in making Abayas. Made in Jordan.”
(Thanks for the translation Facebook friends!)

First things first, off go the shoulder pads and sleeves.


Next I cut off the bottom half of the abaya and hemmed a new edge.

2Chop and hem!

Then I altered the top half, refitting the shoulder pad-less shoulders, adding (weird and pointy) darts, and reshaped the arm holes. I also took in the sides under my arms a bit, but I don’t have a photo of that.

3Shaping up!

I refinished the arm holes and that was that!

4To arms!

I wound up with a  bright and breezy beautiful new summer top, and I love it! I’ve been wearing it as often as I can, and in fact, I’m wearing it right now. I take back what I said about this series earlier in this post. This top makes it all worth it.

after copyFavorite top of the summer!

10x10 - 5 image collage - radiant orchid 2
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