Pantone Projects (no. 2)

Time flies when you’re crazy busy! (More on that later.) It’s been over a month, but my second Pantone project for 2014 is finally here.

Pantone color - mauve 2Right there.

Project no. 2 is on the redder (more red?) side of “radiant orchid,” maybe more mauve than orchid, but radiant it is. (It’s dangerously close to being a vibrant puce, wouldn’t you say Granny?) I found it while thrifting with a friend last year. It had a lot of potential, but the saggy neckline reminded me of that Jennifer Lopez dress (you know the one).

before“Waiting for tonight, ohh-ohhh!”

The original elastic was shot, so I opened the casing, pulled out two feet of stretchless elastic, and closed the casing. (I could have replaced the elastic, but I didn’t need the neck to stretch.)

necklineLet’s unscandalize this dress.

And I was done!


Or so I thought. While the neckline was fixed, it still didn’t feel right. The top was somehow both constricting and billowy, and the length of the skirt was all wrong. I wore the dress once last fall, and that was it. Until now.

The dress was lined in layer of purple-y polyester, which kept it from hanging properly while I wore it. (Though it looks good on the dress form.) The first thing I did when refashioning this refashion was cut out the lining.

lining 2Bon voyage!

Then, I chopped several inches off the bottom and hemmed the edge.


And I was finally done! For real this time. Easy enough, right? Now all I needed to do was snap some “after” shots and put it on the blog.

Warning! This is where I do something stupid.

But instead I decided to do some quick touch up painting while wearing my newly finished dress, because I’m smart like that. Several hours of “touch ups” later, and I had brown paint all over my dress.

After several days soaking in a mix of soapy water and “It’s Awesome” cleaner (and it is awesome, let me tell you), several busy weeks at work, one weekend out of town, about a dozen crochet projects, one flat tire, and torrential rainstorm that tried to flood my laundry room, I finally have the “after” photos for you.

after copyFinally!

I had originally planned on my next Pantone project being my Easter dress, but with my track record lately, maybe I should aim for Thanksgiving.

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