On Dyeing (no. 1)

Summer is here! But where have I been?

My last post was back in February (Happy Singles Awareness to all!) and I totally spaced on getting a post ready for my Easter dress (the dress is around here somewhere…). Long story short between work and other things, I’ve been struggling to regain my┬ámojo/sewjo. But it looks like it’s finally coming back! It’s about freaking time, right? (Yes. Yes it is.)

To ease myself back into the creative stuff that used to bring me seemingly endless happiness (There was an end. I found it.) I decided to break out my box of dyes and get to work on three of my many dingy “white” tops that have somehow been accumulating in my apartment. (They breed like rabbits!)

IMG_3523bDoes that yellow one look familiar?

I’ll get to the one in the upper left later on. For now, let’s focus on the other two. The one in the middle was a cotton racerback tank I picked up last fall in California. It had a cool frayed ruffle detail in the front, but it looked like the previous owner didn’t know how to sort laundry before washing it.

beforeObjects in photo are cleaner and brighter than they actually are.

I’ve been wanting a black top for the summer, so I grabbed the black dye and went to town! I followed the stove-top dyeing directions on the bottle, and after about thirty minutes of stirring, the tank took the color pretty well. I was hoping for a more “black” black, but I’m happy with the result.

after copyThis is my happy face!

Some of you may remember the third shirt from a couple years ago. Way back then I tried my hand at dyeing with tumeric, and the result was a brilliant, sunny yellow. (And equally yellow hands and nails. Wear gloves.) After many washes, the tumeric had faded to butter, so I decided to go a different direction.

before.jpgTrust me, red is a direction.

I dyed this top using the stove-top method as well, and I’m pretty pleased with this one as well as the black one.

after 2 copyThis is my pleased face.

So what do you think? Am I out of my slump? What have you done to get out of yours?


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