Muu-mooove Over

Muumuus are one of my favorite things to refashion. I’ll be the first to admit that I have what some may call “too many” in my pile of upcoming refashions. I can’t really help myself. The polyester fabric may not breathe, but it has some of the best prints and colors. So when I found this black polyester housedress, I new I was going to add it to my collection.

before copyDon’t I look excited?

I started by removing the sleeves, because black polyester is dangerous enough in the summer, and I didn’t need to tempt heat stroke with long sleeves.

Off go the sleeves.

Next I undid the previous owner’s altered hemline. Surprising, I know, but I needed more length this time, not less.

1Un-shorten the hem.

I didn’t like the original front, so I decided to switch the back to the front and the front to the back. To adjust the new back so it would lay properly, I detached several inches of the collar, pulled the ends of the collar together so they overlapped, and then gathered the remaining fabric and sewed it all together.

2Fixing the new back.


Then I finished the arms and collar.

3Finish the arms.

And I was done! All things considered, this was a pretty simple refashion. It’s definitely not a good dress for daytime outdoor activities (See “heat stroke” above.) but it will be great for evenings and indoors. I love it!

after copyAnd done!

There will no doubt be more muumuus this summer, so if granny dresses are your thing, stay tuned!


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