MFAM Week 9: Sneak Peek

It’s another late week guys. Disappointing, I know. I almost made it this time, but I realized I didn’t have the supplies needed to finish the project at 2:00am, and as you can imagine, there aren’t a lot of sewing supply stores open 24/7. (If only…) But don’t fret! I have a little preview for you this time. That makes up for another late project, right? Right?

We’re into the final stretch of the My Favorite Art Museum series, and this week we’re looking at one of my favorite collections from the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art – the Native American collection.

Before we get started, I want to apologize for the quality of the photos. The Native American galleries are dimly, yet dramatically lit, which is great for highlighting the collection but terrible for photographing it. ┬áThese photos just won’t do the pieces justice. I guess you’ll just have to check them out yourself. ;)


I love that nearly all of these pieces have a function and a purpose, whether the item would be worn or used in daily life. Two of my favorite pieces are an Ojibwa coat and a pair of Athapaskan leggings.

coat copy


┬áSo with that brief intro to the collection, I’ll leave you with the pieces I’m refashioning – extra long corduroy pants and an embroidered wool vest.

beforeLookin’ good!

I think you’ll like the finished project, so don’t forget to check back later. I’ll get the finished project posted ASAP.


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