Dusty Drab Sweater Refashion

Last Friday I visited one of my favorite thrift stores where I picked up three pairs of vintage clip-on earrings and two sort of ugly sweaters for around $4.25. Not bad.

Ugly sweater #1 was an oversized cream cable knit that I’ll be working on later, and ugly sweater #2 was actually more boring than ugly.

beforePictured: blah

The fit of the sweater was a bit off, so I started by taking in the arms and the sides about 3/4 of an inch.

1Bringing it in.

I also wanted to take it in the back. I thought about adding elastic, but then decided on adding an adjustable tie instead. I grabbed some gray yarn from my stash and made a 12 inch braid.

IMG_5405Yarn braid.

Then I threaded the braid through the back of the sweater so that the ends of the braid were on the inside, and I tied them in a bow to cinch the back of the sweater.

2Adjusting the back.

¬†For the front closures I used the four buttons left over from last November’s vest refashion and two 2 inch yarn braids.

3Adding buttons and loops.

And now I have a much less boring sweater!

after copyPictured: un-blah sweater


  • Erin says:

    Love all of your refashions! Found you on Refashion Coop. So I’m a KC gal too, so I’ve got to inquire….where is your favorite thrift store?

    • Elizabeth says:

      I don’t actually live in KC, but I’m within an hour of there. My favorite thrift store is in Leavenworth, KS – The Leavenworth Assistance Center. It’s run by volunteers, so the hours can sometimes be sporadic. It’s not somewhere I go to find great ready to wear items (with the exception of some accessories) but if you’re looking for clothes to refashion you’ll find plenty. Most of their clothes are $1 each, and they have a deal where you can fill a paper grocery bag with clothes for only $10. They also have vintage linens and dishes, and if you talk to the guys who run the back room they’ll probably give you a good deal on furniture, lamps, etc. Like most thrift stores, a lot of their merchandise is pretty junky, but it’s worth it to sift through it all.

      Where’s your favorite thrift store?

      - Elizabeth
      aka The Hungry Octopus

  • Erin says:

    Thank you! I’ll have to check it out. Lawrence is one of my favorite day trips. I like Maj-R-Thrift and I go to Savers when they have sale days. :)

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