About Me

If you’re anything like me, you feel like there are never enough hours in the day, space on your memory card, or arms on your body.

It is when I’m feeling particularly stressed out or hurried that I find myself thinking about what it would be like to have as many arms as an octopus. Two arms for sewing, two arms to crochet, two for baking, one to work the mouse, and one for holding my coffee or a snack.

A girl can dream.

I think my sister described me best when she said I “make things out of stuff.” Whether its yarn, out-dated clothes, old light fixtures, or any of the sundry items found in my supply stash, I can’t seem to stop making things. I may need an intervention.

My passion for making things out of stuff started early – making Christmas decorations and other seasonal artsy-craftsy projects with my sister and mom, a fellow things maker.

My grandmother then turned me on to art – a love that only grows stronger with time.

Years later, I have a bachelor’s degree in art, a collection of creative hobbies, and a multitude of cabinets full of supplies and materials.

I need some extra arms and maybe another cabinet.

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