Prez posse

A Presidential Posse

Earlier this month, Americans had the opportunity to celebrate a special time – Mattress and Appliance Sale Weekend! Whoops. I mean Presidents’ Day. To celebrate, I brought Mr. Lincoln out … Continue Reading →

lilac floral dress 1 - February 2014 copy

Pantone Projects (no. 1)

Winter is drawing to a close (Good riddance, right?) so it’s time to get started on some spring projects. And what better way to get into the springtime spirit than … Continue Reading →

unicorn 2

It’s So Fluffy!!!

I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something about special orders that makes them… well, special. I don’t know if it’s the challenge to create something I haven’t … Continue Reading →


How To: Update Your Shoes (no. 02)

Anyone here ever continue to wear a pair of shoes even after their condition can reasonably be termed “disgraceful”? Good. I’m glad I’m not the only one. About a week … Continue Reading →