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Wool & Winter White

So I’ve missed my last couple mid-week posts… Turns out time management really isn’t something I’m good at outside of work. Oh well, I didn’t forget this week! If’ you’ve … Continue Reading →

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MFAM Week 6: Diwali Days

It’s week six of the My Favorite Art Museum series, and this week I’m on time! Amazing, I know.  With Diwali coming up, I thought now would be a good … Continue Reading →

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MFAM Week 5: Fairfield Flashback

Week five of the My Favorite Art Museum series is here! Okay, so week five was supposed to be here a couple days ago, and I’m even later than I … Continue Reading →

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MFAM Week 5: Sneak Peek

Well, it looks like my sacrifices to the car maintenance deities paid off this week, as my car is still running smoothly. (Woo!) Unfortunately, the time gods felt left out … Continue Reading →

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MFAM Week 4: China Doll

Week four is finally here! Sorry I’m a little late this time around, but it’s been a long week. Let’s blame it on my turtle jacket, my car which was … Continue Reading →

Pink turtle dress - October 2013 copy

The Downtown-Disco-Turtle Jacket

Ever find something so weird and funky while thrifting that you just had to have it? Back when I was in high school (a long time ago) I found a … Continue Reading →

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MFAM Week 3: It’s All Greek to Me

It’s week three of the My Favorite Art Museum series, and we’re continuing on with the Nelson’s collection of ancient art. The Nelson has a nice collection of art from … Continue Reading →

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Wreaths: Orange You Glad It’s Fall?

Summer has come and gone, which means it’s time to update my wreaths again. As much as I liked my spring/summer flowers, I wanted something better suited to pumpkin season. … Continue Reading →