They’re Here!

My photos arrived today! Well technically, they arrived yesterday while I was a work, but I picked them up at the post office today on my lunch break. Once they … Continue Reading →

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All Hail the Queen!

Oh, vintage polyester… How I love thee. What fabric has such vibrant color? So many lovely patterns! Florals. Stripes. Dots. Modern/geometric. And it’s remarkably durable, providing you don’t snag it. … Continue Reading →

Mouse Pads D copy

How To: Mouse Pads

Ever wonder what to do with all those leftover shoulder pads from your refashioning projects? Well wonder no more!¬†Funky 80s shoulder pads make great cat toys. These catnip “Mouse Pads” … Continue Reading →

Whale - 16 August 2013 copy

A Whale of a Tale

Do you speak whale? Neither do I. But I did crochet one. He’s one of my latest creations, and I’m thinking of calling him Moby, though I’m not sure how … Continue Reading →


A Mouse in the House

I’m sure no one else has this problem, but I have a hard time throwing away the scraps leftover from my refashioning projects. After all, you never know when your … Continue Reading →

Chichen Itza lineup - small

Chichen Itza, Mexico, 2012

The Chichen Itza series will be part of the University of St. Mary Alumni Art Exhibit on September 13. The show will be on display on the mezzanine at the … Continue Reading →


How To: Lengthen an Elastic Belt (no. 01)

Have you ever bought something that was a bit too small with the intention of someday, somehow fitting into it? Have you ever, actually accomplished that feat? Me either. When … Continue Reading →

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Dated Blouse Refashion

Ever come across something at the thrift store that just begged you to rescue it? A couple weeks ago, this blouse pleaded with me to take it home, and even … Continue Reading →

dear deer copy

Dear Deer

Three years ago I began crocheting animals. I started with a teal octopus and soon moved on to birds, frogs, and a few other creatures. Toward the end of 2010 … Continue Reading →


Cambria, California, 2013

It’s springtime in one of my favorite places, the boardwalk along the Cambria coast. These photos are part of an ongoing series. Previous installments can be found here and here. … Continue Reading →