Exciting News!

Guess what… I’ve been asked to take part in an alumni art exhibit this coming September! I was contacted by the alumni council earlier this summer, and after a lot … Continue Reading →

Chess Set - D - December 2012 copy

Check Mate!

Last year I decided that the majority of the Christmas gifts I would give in 2012 would be made by hand using materials I already had in my seemingly endless … Continue Reading →

After copy

Easy Muumuu Refashion

After several complicated projects, I decided it was time for something easy. Enter this floral cotton muumuu. Well hello there! I liked the warm floral print and the white piping … Continue Reading →

Monkey - July 2013 copy

Monkey Business

Every once in a while I find myself thinking of something odd. Maybe not “odd” exactly, but definitely not normal. Case in point: Have you ever noticed the subtle changes … Continue Reading →

Tiger 2 - July 2013 copy

I’ve Got a Tiger by the Tail

Growing up, tigers were one of my favorite animals. One of my first and most loved stuffed animals was a little tiger named Fari. I was super psyched one Christmas … Continue Reading →

bird 2

Cambria & Tollhouse, California, 2011

Pelicans, Cambria, California, 2011 Perched, Cambria, California, 2011 Wave, Cambria, California, 2011 Surf, Cambria, California, 2011 Wildflower, Tollhouse, California, 2011 Yellow, Tollhouse, California, 2011 Georgia, Tollhouse, California, 2011

after copy

Tumeric Yellow Shirt

I’m back after a week-long vacation from my sewing machine! (Or maybe it was a week-long vacation for my sewing machine?) Today’s project started out as a white embroidered top … Continue Reading →

fish mural b 1

Cayucos, California, 2011

Mural, Cayucos, California, 2011 Plank, Cayucos, California, 2011 The Pier, Cayucos, California, 2011 Pickled Pup, Cayucos, California, 2011 Decisions, Cayucos, California, 2011 To the Sea, Cayucos, California, 2011