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Tattered Tablecloth Dress

It’s the last week of Refashion Runway! June has really flown by! If you haven’t already, check out what the contestants have created for week four. This week’s challenge was a summer … Continue Reading →

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No Doubt About It – Gwen Stefani Copycat

I can’t believe I made it to week three of Refashion Runway! How exciting is that? (Pretty exciting, I think.) If you haven’t been following the competition, you should definitely check it out and vote … Continue Reading →

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My Dandy Denim Dress

Week two of Refashion Runway has come! Be sure to head over to The Renegade Seamstress’s blog to vote for your favorite denim refashion! Next week the contestants will be … Continue Reading →


Bonner Springs, Kansas, 2009

Star, Bonner Springs, Kansas, 2009 Ladder, Bonner Springs, Kansas, 2009 Sting, Bonner Springs, Kansas, 2009 Clover, Bonner Springs, Kansas, 2009 Dragonfly, Bonner Springs, Kansas, 2009 Caterpillar, Bonner Springs, Kansas, 2009 … Continue Reading →

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Think Pink (Stripes)

Week one of Refashion Runway has flown by! My very talented competitors and I submitted our before and after photos on Friday, and now it’s your turn to vote for … Continue Reading →

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2008

Ring, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2008 Through, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2008 Cobbled, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2008 Red White Blue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2008 Corinthian, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2008 River Lights, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2008